Tax season is coming up.

Client Annual Tax Returns & Annuities.

As ever, the turning of the year means tax season is just ahead. When it comes to the taxation of annuities the devil is inevitably in the details.  Advisors can demonstrate value here by showing understanding of the complexities of tax liability on the different types of annuities from numerous insurance companies.  Annuities are sold as tax-advantaged, so the best advice at distribution time will be critical for your clients and promises that need to be kept.

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Make The Most of The End of Year Client Review:  It’s All About The Year to Come.

Make The Most of The End of Year Client Review

Advisors should use an end-of-year client review as an opportunity for showing value with a view to future sales. It is important not to allow it to become a box-checking exercise. It is a chance to remind clients of all your achievements over the year, and how you can take them forward in 2023. To make the most of the exposure, however, it is fundamental to formulate a meeting plan. 

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Ding! Financial Advisors Need to Start Texting Customers. Carefully!

Ding! Financial Advisors Need to Start Texting Customers. Carefully!

SMS (Texting) is a tool financial advisors can no longer ignore or avoid—even though most still do! The appeal of texting lies in its immediacy and simplicity. Advisors need to adopt SMS into their communications strategy simply because every generation is now regularly texting. Most significantly for our industry, the open rate of text messages far exceeds that of email. 

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