Introduce Video to Your Marketing in 2023.

Video content has become a vital channel for advisors. Quite simply, people love video. It is easy to consume and more entertaining than a white paper or a Powerpoint. Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube etc., offer the opportunity of free exposure and increasing your reach.

  • You can make your video in your kitchen or car.  While video on your website should be professional, the immediacy and short lifecycle of social video content makes it fine to make your video with your smartphone.  You don’t need to be Spielberg!  
  • Personalize!  Talk about what you do, what you specialize in, and where you work. You don’t need to be a comedian, but adopting a light and uncontroversial tone is best.
  • Do not be put off of the frivolousness of TIkTok and Instagram.  Annuities and life insurance are not inherently thrilling, but your video can help you present products as solutions that are relatable and helpful.
  • Keep it short! Brevity is key here. Keep your message simple and start with a compelling headline that creates interest. Always end with a call-to-action encouraging the viewer to get in touch.
  • Start where you are comfortable.  If you are already using Facebook, for example, try posting your first video there.
  • Contact details.  Remember to add a link to your bio and details otherwise there is no way for people to find you.

Let us know how you do!