Google My Business

Google My Business Listing example.

Local Business Profile for Advisors

You have seen the local map and location listings that display when you Google the name of a business (see image above). You can easily get your own business listing on the Google Local Business listing display for your location. Google My Business gives you free exposure and improves your ability to compete locally by attracting prospects with intent.  People who are searching “financial advisors near me” or “retirement planning in Tucson” will be in your local market and have a specific need.

Appearing in a Google local business search gives your practice a presence and credibility.  Once you are set up you can showcase your practice with information, photos, and videos.

You can create posts and share news and events with potential clients. It does not need to be updated as frequently as social media but be sure to respond to enquiries and encourage reviews. 

Google My Business is an advantage for smaller firms as it is location-based. The playing field is leveled– even large financial groups can only list one branch at a time!

There is no guarantee that you will show up on the “3 Pack” on the first page.  There are many factors that can influence how results are displayed, but your listing will be indexed and displayed elsewhere on other pages the local results 

Get Started

  1. Create a Google or Gmail account. (You may have one already but ideally you would use one separate from your personal account)
  2. Go to Google Business to create your account:
  3. Complete the verification process, Google will then send you a postcard to confirm your business location.
  4. The postcard will give you a unique PIN to enter on your Google Business account.
  5. Add all your business details: hours, photos, services etc.
  6. Add content and specializations about your business that will get picked up by Google searches.  For example, “Financial Advisor and retirement planning firm specializing in the medical profession.”