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Founded in 1994, Unkefer & Associates, Inc. is a national annuity and life marketing organization involved in product design and national sales distribution. Their mission is to be the number one resource for independent agents in their annuity and life sales efforts. For over a decade, thousands agents working with Unkefer & Associates have reeled in billions of dollars in annuity premium and millions in life insurance sales.

Make The Most of The End of Year Client Review:  It’s All About The Year to Come.

Make The Most of The End of Year Client Review

Advisors should use an end-of-year client review as an opportunity for showing value with a view to future sales. It is important not to allow it to become a box-checking exercise. It is a chance to remind clients of all your achievements over the year, and how you can take them forward in 2023. To make the most of the exposure, however, it is fundamental to formulate a meeting plan. 

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Ding! Financial Advisors Need to Start Texting Customers. Carefully!

Ding! Financial Advisors Need to Start Texting Customers. Carefully!

SMS (Texting) is a tool financial advisors can no longer ignore or avoid—even though most still do! The appeal of texting lies in its immediacy and simplicity. Advisors need to adopt SMS into their communications strategy simply because every generation is now regularly texting. Most significantly for our industry, the open rate of text messages far exceeds that of email. 

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Google My Business Listing example.

Google My Business

Local Business Profile for Advisors

You have seen the local map and location listings that display when you Google the name of a business (see image above). You can easily get your own business listing on the Google Local Business listing display for your location. Google My Business gives you free exposure and improves your ability to compete locally by attracting prospects with intent.  People who are searching “financial advisors near me” or “retirement planning in Tucson” will be in your local market and have a specific need.

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